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Indore to Ajanta Ellora Caves

Indore Car Rental


Ajanta and Ellora caves are two UNESCO World Heritage sites, located at Maharashtra state in West of India. These sites are known for cave art, mural paintings and sculptural work by artists. Both the caves are as distant places. For visiting Ajanta & Ellora caves, nearest airport is Aurangabad. It is about 30kms from Ellora caves and 130kms from Ajanta caves. For tourists, just visiting Ajanta & Ellora caves, we offer car rental service at Aurangabad city. You can hire a taxi from Aurangabad to Ajanta caves or Aurangabad to Ellora caves or cover both the caves in a single run. Recently tourist centers have been opened at both caves sites to enhance tourist service for incoming travelers. For accommodation, tourists stays at hotels in Aurangabad and Jalgaon. At Ajanta & Ellora, hotels are not located. Please note that Ajanta caves are CLOSED on every Monday and Ellora caves are CLOSED on every Tuesday so plan accordingly.

About Indore & Aurangabad

Indore is metropolitan city and largest township in Central India. It is also a historical city ruled by Holkar dynasty. It has many pilgrimage & heritage tourism destination in all directions so often termed as tourism hub. It is renowned by name of "Mini Mumbai". Indore is about 450kms from Aurangabad. Their is a popular tour itinerary from Indore to Aurangabad or Aurangabad to Indore, covering Ellora caves, Ajanta caves, Maheshwar, Mandu as tourist destinations. This tour itinerary covers cave art, ancient painting art, sculpture work, riverside temples, forts, palaces, hand-loom art, cultural diversity etc. Our Indore car rental office operates taxi service in this for this popular tour itinerary. Both Indore and Aurangabad airports are very well connected with all major cities and airports so act as beginning and terminating points of this tour itinerary. You can hire small taxi vehicle to luxury large cars to cover this itinerary swiftly and conveniently.

Indore to Aurangabad

Road condition from Indore to Ajanta Ellora caves is good with small bad patches. Regular taxi service is operated on this route. Route from Indore to Aurangabad offers good country side views and passes through some historical monumental destinations like Burhanpur etc. This drive covers a long distance but our taxi vehicles on good road conditions make it convenient. Traffic on Indore Aurangabad route is average to heavy. This route connects many industrial units and places so remain occupied with healthy traffic.

Car Rental

Indore car rental offers cab hire service in varying modes, as per request of guest. You can do taxi booking for single transfer or complete tour basis. In single transfer, vehicle will take your from Indore to Ajanta & Ellora caves and drop to Aurangabad. In complete tour basis, you can hire the taxi from Indore to Aurangabad and cover multiple destinations on the way, in multiple days and leave the vehicle at terminating point which could be same beginning point. At present our services are enjoyed by many inbound and domestic travellers. In addition to this we are offering our car rental service to prominent travel agencies, located at India and in other countries. If required, we can also do the hotel booking and arrange travel guides, flight tickets booking for tourists. You just need to fill-up the below form and forward your query. Our experts will respond you with all further details.

Taxi Booking

We offer online taxi booking service from Indore to Ajanta - Ellora caves till Aurangabad. You just need to fill up below given form with all the details like travel dates, tour plan, arrival-departure times etc. Our expert team will check your details and requirement and respond you with quotation and other details. If agreed, you can confirm the booking by making advance payment. Customer is free to make booking according to his/her budget and requirement. We are committed to provide you excellent service at reasonable cost.

Ajanta Caves Ellora Caves Aurangabad

Booking Request Form
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Enter same code *   Note: Valid ID submission of actual visitor is must for confirmation. You can send readable scan-copy or photo-copy for booking. Carry same ID in original.

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