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Gyaraspur Tourism


Among some important tourist places near Bhopal city, Gyaraspur town is one of them. It is about 97kms in north-east of Bhopal city and 47 kms north-east of Sanchi stupas site. It is the same route in which UNESCO world heritage site Sanchi is located. Gyaraspur lies at Vidisha district of Madhya Pradesh in Central India. It is a medieval time township where history is conserved, showcased and revealed. Although its name and popularity is often overshadowed by big names like Sanchi & Bhimbetka but it has much greater history that need to be properly studied, scripted, described and revealed to visitors. This place is believed to be of Medieval India having several worship places of Hindu, Jain and Buddhist religions. At present it is gaining popularity as a important Jain pilgrimage destination and also visited as a extension tour of Sanchi stupas. It can easily be reached by road from Bhopal and Sanchi. We offer car rental service from Bhopal to Gyaraspur, Sanchi to Gyaraspur, Gyaraspur to Bhopal etc. It lies in a gorge of some low steep hills which offers scenic landscape view.

Tourist Attractions

Gyaraspur is a historical township where extensive ruins are scattered in and around city which is enough to estimate the past glory of this place. By going through these ruins we will discover that Gyaraspur was under influence of Hindu, Buddhist and Jainism in past. Some of the important Gyaraspur tourist attractions are Maladevi temple, Hindola Torna, Vajramath/Bajramath temple, Choukhamba, Athakhambe etc.
Maladevi temple:It is believed to be of Pratihara period (9th century) temple. Maladevi temple is a originally dedicated to some god & goddess (Yaksha & Yakshini) but later appropriated by Jains and now considered as Jain temple situated on the picturesque slope of hill, overlooking the valley. Whole temple is located on a huge platform which is actually a cut out of hill slope. It comprises entrance porch, hall and a shrine surrounded by a circumambulatory passage, rooms and lot of sculptural work. Their is lofty Shikara on temple which is covered with rich carving. Here we can see the sculptured figures of goddess for whom the temple is originally dedicated which makes us believe that it was originally a Hindu temple and later turned into a Jain temple. During Gyaraspur visit, Maladevi temple is must visit site for tourists.
Hindola Torna It is a 10th century gateway monument which can be seen on left side while going towards Maladevi temple. Hindola Torana is a combination of two hindi words whose simple meanings is "Swinging entrance gate". "Hindola" means "swinging" and "Torana" is for gateway seen in Hindu and Buddhist architecture of Indian subcontinent. It is actually a ornamented entrance gate of Hindu temple where Chaukhamba would have been the mandapa of that temple. It has magnificent sculptural work. Dashavataras (ten re-incarnation images) of Hindu god Vishnu are carved on the door jambs of torana.
Bajramath Temple: It is a fine example of triple shrine temple, located near the bus stand. Three shrines, placed abreast puts this temple in list of rare temples. It is originally a hindu temple but later transformed into a Jain temple. In 10th century, temple's gate, back-parts, doorsa re engraved with figures of Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh (Lord Shiva). In addition to this, Narsimha, Varaha, Shiva, Vishnu, Tripurantaka are also shown in various niches of exterior walls. After its transformation into a Jain temple, Tirthankar statues are established here. The carving work on doorway and temple Shikhara's plan and design is exceptionally find. Among three shrines, central shrine is dedicated to Surya, southern to Lord Vishnu and northern to Lord Shiva.
Similar their are some more monuments which tourists can visit during Gyaraspur visit.

How to visit

Gyaraspur is about 98 kms from Bhopal city. It lies in the same route which connects Raisen fort, Sanchi, Vidisha. It is a popular tourist route due to which taxi movements on this route is frequent. As Bhopal is the nearest metro city from Gyaraspur and variety of hotels are located here so mostly tourists visit Gyaraspur from Bhopal. It is visited by road. We offer Bhopal car rental service in which you can hire a cab from Bhopal to Gyaraspur, do local sightseeing and later return back from Gyaraspur to Bhopal. In this service you can hire small budget cab to large tourist AC coach, according to group size and budget.

Nearby Attractions

Other nearby tourist attractions that can be visited along with Gyaraspur are Udaygiri caves, Vidisha town, Sanchi, Raisen fort etc. They all lies in north-east of Bhopal. Covering them all in a single day visit is difficult as all of them are important sites and it takes considerable to visit and understand each of the site.

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