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Bhojpur Temple

Bhojpur Temple in Bhopal


Bhojpur is a famous active temple of lord Shiva in Madhya Pradesh state. It is a heritage temple building known for massive Shivalinga and usage of large carved stones in building construction. Bhojpur temple was founded by the Parmar king of Dhar popularly know as Raja Bhoj (1010-53 AD) and was named after him. It is located at 30 kms south-east of Bhopal city. It is well connected by road from Bhopal. We offer taxi service from Bhopal to Bhojpur and Bhojpur to Bhopal. Temple location is close to Betwa river which enhances the beauty of this site. In past a cyclopean dam was made on this river. At present, Bhojpur tourist attractions includes Bhojpur Temple, Betwa river and its surrounding archeological park which will take you to glorious past of this region. At present temple and its adjoining area is under Archaeological Survey of India who take care of maintenance and management.

Bhojpur Temple

Bhojpur Temple is a famous archeological site because of its magnificent remains of Shiva Temple and Cyclopean dam. It is a active Hindu temple of Lord Shiva on the right bank of Betwa river which is also referred as Betravati river in many Hindu books. This Temple has earned the title of the "Somnath of the East" and is called Bhojeshwar Temple. It is a west facing lofty temple stands on rocky outcrop. Temple structure stands on a raised platform of 106 ft. long, 77 feet wide and 17 feet high. Main temple structure stands on 04 pillars with no re-entrant angles and usual domes. Although it is incomplete but has a magnificent soaring strength of line. Like dome the pillars are also massive but they retain a remarkable elegance due to their tapering form. Temple is divided into three sections. The lowest section is an octagon with length of 65 meters, from which springs a 24-faced section. The doorway is magnificently carved from above and from below it is plain throwing sharp relief against the two exquisitely sculpted figures that stand on the either side. The other three sides are balconies each supported by massive brackets and four intricately carved pillars. The door jambs of hte sanctum are carved with figures of the famous goddess rivers Ganges and Yamuna on either side. The Shivalingam in the sanctum rises to an inspiring height of 6.70 meter with a circumference of 2.3 meters. Whole Shivalinga is carved out from a single block of rock and is considered as tallest and grandest in the world. Set upon a massive platform 21.5 feet square and made of three superimposed limestone blocks, the architectural harmony of lingam and platform creates a superb synthesis of solidity and lightness. Due to reason unknown the temple was not completed and the earthen ramp used to raise it to dome level still stands. If it would have been completed than definitely it would have been a masterpiece of its kind, and would have had no comparison to any other, any where in the world. The temple is one of the finest examples of temple architecture of the 12th and 13th centuries.

Temple Drawing

While coming out of Bhojpur temple and move on right hand-side, we will find the open garden with rocky spot, encircled with grills. This is the place where we can see the drawing plan of Bhojpur temple. Whole sketch in available in engraved form on rock. Nowhere else we can see such a detailed line drawing of temple having details of elevation, pillars, pilasters, shikhara, kalas etc. It shows that before construction began, a detailed building plan was made available near construction site, for quick reference and long lasting.

Jain Temple

Also incomplete with a similar stone raising ramp is a Jain shrine that stands close to the Bhojeshwar temple. In this shrine there are three figures of the tirthankaras contained within one colossal statue 20 feet high, one of Mahavira and two of Parsvanath in left and Suparasnath in right side.

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